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Monday, 11 December 2017

A Glittering Prize But No Crustaceans

I am still somewhat hungover after the Last of the Summer Wine Christmas Curry so I have neither the inclination or the energy to come up with some songs about crustaceans so sorry George and C
I may have a go later if I can come up with any songs. Suggestions welcomed.

Now you may or may not believe me but I wasn't hungover or indeed drunk earlier on the Saturday when  I picked up Glittering Prize 81/92 as part of a mini haul from a local charity shop.
It is a strange one in that it covers a period 81/82 when Simple Minds  were good and 83/92 when they weren't
If you really need to have a Simple Minds compilation then Celebration is the one to have.
Here are a couple of tracks that just about pass muster.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Rock Lobster

You can hardly turn on the telly these days without witnessing a "celebrity" or two off on a travelogue or as I like to call it a jolly on the licence payer's expense.
There is always someone off to Kathmandu, the frozen North or the source of the Amazon.
Poor Julie Walters drew the short straw and got great coastal train journeys of the United Kingdom. On ITV so a poor man's Michael Portillo.
Unfortunately for Julie she didn't get to fraternize with tigers, polar bears or camels. No, the closest she got was lobsters and, in the highlight of the programme for me, this popped up as the background music.

I can't believe it has never featured before but that appears to be the case. Neither equally strangely has Planet Claire.
Rest assured I've given myself a severe talking to

The B-52's -Rock Lobster

The B-52's - Planet Claire

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Covered By Cash -Down There By The Train

A unanimous victory last week for Simon and Garfunkel  with Bridge Over Troubled Water. That is unanimous among those that chose to vote. A good few were not that enamoured with either track and felt that Johnny would have had a much better chance with The Boxer or even better The Sound of Silence. I am inclined to agree.
The first defeat for a while sees the score now sitting at Cash 4 The Rest 3.

Today I was going to feature Rowboat but couldn't source a copy of the Beck original which I only heard for the first time via You Tube last week. If anyone could oblige I would be grateful.
Plan B sees Johnny up against Tom Waits with Down There By The Train with his version from the original American Recordings record.
Silk versus gravel.
 I struggle with Tom Waits (although this is one of his better numbers) so for me there can only be one winner and that's The Man in Black.
Others, of course, may choose to disagree

Johnny Cash - Down There By The Train

Tom Waits - Down There By The Train

Friday, 8 December 2017

A Grand Don't Come For Free

Way back in 1973 Gram Parsons informed us that a decent wedding would set you back $1000.
That is of course assuming that the bride doesn't do a runner (or has she popped her  clogs?)
Whatever it results in the groom and his pals going on a bender of such magnitude that it's lucky they survived.
Don't you just love country music?

Step forward to 2017 and Brett Sparks is bemoaning the fact that these days 1000 dollars won't even buy you a decent second hand car.

Inflation, eh?

Gram Parson - $1000 Dollar Wedding

Evan Dando & Julianna Hatfield - $1000 Dollar Wedding

The Handsome Family -$1000 Dollar Car

Thursday, 7 December 2017

All You Need is Love

Alyson over at What's It All About? recently featured the  60's American psychedelic band Love zoning in on Forever Changes and the song Alone Again Or.

I commented that I have only featured them once before and that was around 5 years ago in the very early days of  CCM. Therefore they are probably well overdue another spin.
Their first three albums are on the shelves albeit  Da Capo is a burn. We shall feature them in chronological order.
The first album Love from 1966 has touches of psychedelia but also its fair share of folk and garage numbers. I picked up the 2001 issue in a charity shop with all the songs in both mono and stereo.We will stick with mono today.
The second album Da Capo is also from 1966 but by them the drugs had well and truly kicked in. You want proof? The entire second side of the album is a 19 minute jam called Revelation.
1967 saw the release of what ultimately came to be seen as their masterpiece Forever Changes. It failed to achieve commercial success at the time but regularly appears in the higher echelons in lists of the Greatest Albums of all time.
It certainly won't be another 5 years before they feature again.

Love - Signed D.C. (Mono mix)

Love - Seven & Seven Is

Love - A House is Not a Motel

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Reggae Fever

Some reggae fever for you today to help ease that chill in your bones.
From the Handsworth area of Birmingham I was pretty sure that I had featured Steel Pulse before but apparently not although Ku Klux Klan has appeared from a Mojo Made in Britain Compilation.
The only album of theirs that I have is from 1984 and is one of the Island Masters Reggae Greats series that you used to be able to pick up for a couple of quid.
I also have the Black Uhuru one. I  should keep my eye out for more to add to my meagre reggae section.

Steel Pulse - Reggae Fever

Steel Pulse - Handsworth Revolution

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

100.000 Books and 3 Records - part 3

The  final installment of this short series sees your intrepid author clutching his records but staring longingly at The Whisky Distilleries of  the United Kingdom by Alfred Barnard which sadly at £40 was somewhat out of my price range.
The final album, the one in the middle  of the previous pictures which was puzzling The Swede , is Songs From a Room the 2nd studio album by Leonard Cohen from 1969.
Confession time - it was bought primarily because Bird on a Wire, which I wanted to feature in the Johnny Cash series, is somewhat strangely not included on the Best of Leonard Cohen which until now was the only one of his on the shelves.
Rather than paying 99p for a download I figured it was probably worth  forking out three quid more and coming away with this album.
It is ok but if I were to score the three albums which I acquired it would come a distant third.It shall now be filed away as will this mini series.

Leonard Cohen - The Old Revolution

Leonard Cohen -The Partisan