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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Zoë Bestel

I'm off to the Hug and Pint tonight for the album launch of Transience by  Zoë Bestel.
Released by Last Night From Glasgow it is a thing of beauty both aesthetically and musically.
Some lovely low- fi trippy and ethereal folk which puts me in mind of Rozi Plain and This is the Kit so obviously right up the Swede's street.
From Whauphill in one of my favourite parts of the world Galloway,  it is her 3rd album which is quite remarkable given that she is only 20. She has been recording since she was 14. More details and a free download here

It should be a good night.She  will be supported by Jared Cerose who has been recently signed by Olive Grove records and who has a debut EP  Four Cold Walls available on Bandcamp
The brilliant Annie Booth will also be providing support so little wonder it sold out weeks ago.

It should be a belter.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

The Return of Saturday Lucky Dip

The Chords

Until I come up with an original idea here is the return of Saturday Lucky Dip.
A series where a random compilation is selected and a couple of tracks featured.
Where possible I will aim to feature artists who haven't graced these pages below,
The Mojo October 2005 compilation Made in Britain has featured before when Steel Pulse and The Redskins were selected.
This time round  we go down a division and start with Deptford mod revivalists The Chords with their second single from 1980 Maybe Tomorrow which reached number 40 in the UK singles charts. They were active from 1978 -1981 which the obligatory reformation in 2010

They are joined by Nottingham post punks Medium Medium with their 1981 single Hungry, So Angry released on the Cherry Red label.Similar timescales 1978-1983  and then from 2004 onwards.

I don't recall either of  these from first time round.

More random nonsense next Saturday unless anything more original springs to mind.

The Chords - Maybe Tomorrow

Medium Medium - Hungry, So Angry

Friday, 20 April 2018

Not Just a Two Trick Pony

I would think that a significant number of the illustrious blogs listed on the right hand side bar have featured either Thirteen or September Girls by  Big Star or indeed both at some stage.
However. these are only two of the many great songs that they recorded in their short three album career (#1 Record, Radio City and Third/Sister Lover) in the early 70's with a 4th In Space coming along in 2005

Like the Velvet Underground in the 60's they didn't really enjoy much success at the time but have since assumed legendary status and have influenced countless bands who have come after them.

A couple of examples. You only have to listen to The Ballad of El Goodo for  the likes of the Jayhawks and a number of other American bands  to spring to mind.
Teenage Fanclub freely acknowledge their influence with their album Thirteen named after the Big Star single. Alex Chilton also collaborated with them in his later years.Again you can see the influence when you play What's Going Ahn.

No life is complete without a bit of Big Star in it.

Big Star - The Ballad of El Goodo

Big Star - What's Going Ahn

Thursday, 19 April 2018

The Bottom Line

On Monday Friend of Rachel Worth correctly identified that the post title The Horses Are on The Track was taken from The Bottom Line by Big Audio Dynamite.
It wasn't a competition but there is a prize.
A chance to listen to a 7 minute plus version from the US Remix 12 inch single re-mixed by Rick Rubin no less in the years before he resurrected Johnny Cash's career.

At the time the band led by former Clash man Mick Jones did not need their career resurrected as both tracks (BAD being the b-side)  were taken from their 1985 debut album This is Big Audio Dynamite which reached number 27 in the UK album charts.

Big Audio Dynamite - The Bottom Line

Big Audio Dynamite -BAD

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

The Blues Collection - Bukka White

Mrs CC selected Parchman Farm Blues by Bukka White from the Blues Collection (number 23) as a random choice to play at the weekend.
A quick check advises that this is one of the few from the series which has still to feature so here goes.
Bukka was a Mississippi Blues man christened Booker T Washington White after the civil rights activist, Bukka being the phonetic spelling of Booker.
He was a cousin of  BB King's mother , claimed to have met Charlie Patton and had Memphis Minnie on backing vocals on some of his earlier recordings. So a good pedigree then.
He spent time in prison which is also a good pedigree for a Blues man recording for folklorist Alan Lomax whilst in the Mississippi State Penitentiary colloquially know as Parchman Farm.

These song are recorded in Chicago on 7th March 1940.He enjoyed a degree of fame in the 60s when he was feted by the likes of Bob Dylan and John Fahey.
He died in Memphis in 1977 aged either 67 or 70. As is often the case with the old Blues men there is some debate as to his actual date of birth

Bukka White - Parchman Farm Blues

Bukka White - Sleepy Man Blues

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Shook, Rattle and Roll

Sarah Shook & the Disarmers  from Chaple Hill, North Carolina are fast becoming my  new favourite insurgent country act.
I was a bit late getting to the table for their April 2017 album Sidelong only getting it at Christmas after hearing The Nail on the Bloodshot 2017 Sampler album.
It was the first Bloodshot album I ever got on vinyl.
I'm glad to say that they are not mucking about with a new album Years having just been released.
Both albums are available on Bandcamp
Also available on Noisetrade is a free download containing a mix of 5 tracks from the two albums.

Here's one from each

Sarah Shook & the Disarmers - Misery Without Company

Sarah Shook & the Disarmers - New Ways to Fail

Monday, 16 April 2018

The Horses Are On The Track

I'm quite chuffed that Tiger Roll won Saturday's Grand National.
The reason? I had it in the office sweepstake and stand to win somewhere between 30 and 40 quid!
I caught the end of the race on the radio and it sounded quite exciting.. I then saw the finish on the news on the telly and it was pretty close. Another couple of strides and the second horse Pleasant Company would have got there.
Mrs CC suggested going out for something to eat with my winnings. I was thinking of buying some records myself!
Here are some loosely associated acts to commemorate this notable event.

Grand Drive - A Ladder to the Stars

The National - Mr November

Tiger - My Puppet Pal

Mott the Hoople - Roll Away The Stone